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Pants/Jeans – Hemming

Hem – Pants and jeans can be hemmed/shortened in a variety of ways and the price will vary depending. 

We offer simple hems starting from……$15.00 and up, cuff hems, French hems, etc. 

We match stitch color and style to the original factory design as best as possible. 

A European/original hem can be done to preserve original stitching and pant fabric starting from……$24.00 and up

Pants/Jeans – Alterations

A pant leg can be lengthened if it is too short up to a certain amount. 

Bring your pants to our shop and we can let you know how much length can be added to your pair. 

Material can be added to maximize lengths, …starting from $18.00 and up

Pants/Jeans – Tapering

Tapering of a pant leg involves slimming down the width This can be done from the waist or from lower down leg to make a flared/wide pant leg straight or skinny. 

Taper one seam and regular hem……$19.00 and up

Jeans taper legs with top stitch……$29.00 and up

Taper two seams with regular hem……$28.00 and up

Pants/Jeans – Custom Fitting

Pants to big or not fit at the waist. We can help by tightening or letting out the pants waist to get the perfect fit.

The waist size can be adjusted for pants that are too large or let out (if there is material available) for pants that are too tight.

Material can also be added to certain pants should there be not enough material available. 

Price will vary, starting from $18.00 and up

Take in or let out to crotch area…...$22.00 and up

Jeans…..$28.00 and up

Zipper Replacement

Broken zippers on pants/jeans can be replaced (we supply zipper). 

Price may very:

Pants zipper replacement…...$19.50 and up

Jeans zipper replacement……$24.00 and up

Pants and Jeans – Mending and Repairs

Rips, tears, torn stitches, buttons replacement, etc…….. Price will vary depending on severity of repair…

$15.00 and up

Jeans button replacement… $8.00 and up

Waist clip replacement……$10.00 and up

Dresses and Gowns

Alterations – Shorten Length. Price may vary depending on width of item and materials, please visit us for exact quote…

$24.00 and up

Take in – Dresses, Gowns and Skirts can be fitted and taken in to accentuate your shape. Price can wary depending on how many seams are involved and how the garment is constructed…

$24.00 and up.

Dresses and Gowns – Zippers

Broken zippers on dresses/skirts can be replaced (we supply zipper). Price may very.

Regular Style Zipper…...$19.50 and up

Invisible Style Zipper……..$28.00 and up

Dresses and Gowns – Mending and Repairs

Rips, tears, torn stitches, buttons replacement, etc. Price will vary depending on severity of repair. Please visit us for exact quote…….

$10.00 and up.

Suits and Jackets

A proper fitting suit jacket is essential. We specialize in alteration suits to reflect your image and stile. Price may vary depending on difficulty and method of suit construction.

Suits – Shorten Sleeves

Sleeve construction can vary greatly, please come visit with us with your shirt for an exact quote.

Price starting from……$20.00 and up

Suits – Fitting

Suits can be taken in to accentuate your shape. Price can vary depending on how many seams are involved and how the garment is constructed

Starting from…...$18.00 and Up

Shorten Jackets

Price may vary depending on construction, please visit us for an exact quote or shorten sleeves with vent.

Starting from … $45.00 and up

Zipper Replacement

Zippers vary in style and level of difficulty for replacing. Please visit us for an exact quote…..

$1.50/inch Starting at a minimum……$30.00 and up

Lining Replacement

A torn or worn lining can be replaced completely to refresh a jacket. Lining material is included. Please bring your jacket in for the exact quote.

Regular Coat or Sports Jacket … $150.00 and up

Long Coat or Jacket … $180.00 and up

Alterations – Sleeve Shortening

Price can vary depending on construction, please visit us with your item for the exact quote…

$35.00 and up.

Mending and Repairs

Rips, tears, torn stitches, buttons replacement, etc. Price will vary depending on severity of repair, please visit us for exact quote…

$6.00 and up.

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While our service and price list provide a glimpse into the standard alterations and tailoring options we offer, our expertise extends far beyond those offerings. Customization and personalization are at the heart of what we do. If you’re seeking something unique, whether it’s a bespoke suit, a custom wedding gown, or alterations tailored to your specific preferences, we invite you to reach out to us. Your vision is our canvas, and we’re here to turn it into reality. Simply give us a call or visit our shop, and let’s create something extraordinary together!

Disclaimer. All prices and services subject to change and corrections without the further notice. Please consult with the store for the exact pricing before finalizing your order.

Our Core

Core Values and Principles

Stitches Tailor Shop Edmonton

Craftsmanship Excellence

At our tailor shop, we take immense pride in our craft. Every stitch, every hem, and every alteration is executed with precision and care. We believe that quality workmanship is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction. Whether it’s a simple button replacement or a complex custom design, we approach each task with dedication and attention to detail.

Personalized Service

As a family-owned business, we treat our customers like an extension of our own family. We listen to their needs, understand their preferences, and collaborate closely to achieve the desired results. Our goal is to make every client feel valued and understood. Whether it’s altering a wedding gown or adjusting a pair of trousers, we provide personalized service that goes beyond measurements.

Affordability and Accessability

We firmly believe that everyone deserves well-fitted clothing. Our pricing is transparent, and we strive to keep our services affordable without compromising on quality. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a retiree, our doors are open to all. We want our community to experience the joy of tailored garments without breaking the bank.

Why Our Clients Love Our Work

Rob Tysiak
Rob Tysiak
I had two zippers changed in my hoodies and it was done fast and professional. I paid what I was quoted and that made me happy. I would recommend stitches for your tailor needs.
Isaac Peetoom Heida
Isaac Peetoom Heida
Got my felt coat tailored here. Great fit, great price, and friendly service!
Bernie Hammermeister
Bernie Hammermeister
I brought in my leather jacket for a repair and asked for a general refurbishment as well, as it was getting a little weathered. When I picked it up, I hardly recognized it. The jacket looks brand new, and when I checked the repair, I could hardly find it. Really impressed with the service and the quality of the work. Will highly recommend this shop. Well done!!!
Nicole Klippenstein
Nicole Klippenstein
I have had two recital dresses altered here and both times I have been thoroughly satisfied with the results. Highly recommend!
Wayne Sand
Wayne Sand
I was very impressed with the shop and Jadwiga. She was very friendly, offering fair pricing and quality repairs. I will be back!
Sebastian Wolski
Sebastian Wolski
Best tailor shop in Edmonton!
Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen
I love this place. Quality work and reasonable priced. She has experience working with leather, fur and heavy wool. I had my beloved parka fixed and I couldn’t be happier. She has also worked on dresses for me with a quick turn around. Highly recommend
Will G
Will G
Judy brought my leather jacket back to life. She was able to fix a rip on the sleeve and make it look effortless. Very good stitching done on the arms where she tapered the jacket to fit me. She put a beautiful red lining in the jacket adding comfort and style. The price is expensive but worth the work.
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Remember, at our family tailor shop, it’s not just about altering clothes; it’s about enhancing lives, one stitch at a time.

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